Welcome to LAAM.

Life… Abortion Alternative Ministries ( LAAM ) is committed to assisting women to carry their babies to term by providing emotional, spiritual, and practical support as God provides the resources.

We believe that it is the right of every pregnant woman or girl to carry their baby to term and give birth and the right of every baby to be born.

Our ministry depends entirely on God’s provision through donations, both monetarily and material, for all goods and services provided through us.

LAAM provides everything for these women and families FREE.  Please donate generously of your time or money, so we can continue helping these women and their families.

Words from the LAAM President:

Our goal is to give ongoing support to the woman in crisis, so she can make the choice to give life to her baby, instead of feeling forced to abort it. Some would call us Pro-Life and that would be true. I like to say that we are also Pro-Choice; because without assistance, poor women don’t really have a choice.